How to Show Your #Disney Side Without Being at a Disney Park

I’m a huge Disney fan.  Fanatic is probably a better description.  I love all things Disney.  When Disney announced their 24-hour Show Your Disney Side party I was so excited and booked us a trip right away.  Well, life intervened and unfortunately I’ll be working on the 23rd.  However, I’m not going to let that stop me from celebrating the thing I love and showing my Disney side.  And next time there’s a 24 hour party, have no doubt that I’ll be there living it up.  Here’s how I plan to show my Disney side, without being at a Disney park:

1.) Disneybound

If you’re not familiar with Disneybound, you are certainly missing out.  The basic idea is taking everyday street clothes and combining/styling them to make up Disney character outfits.  To me, that’s one of the easiest and best ways to show your Disney side without being at a park.  I didn’t have a lot of extra spending money to buy a complete new outfit so after rifling through my closet I’ve decided on Disneybounding as Maleficent.  It’s simple: black skirt, black flats, black shrug, royal purple top, purple watch, dragon necklace, green bracelet and green earrings.  I’m good to go!  Some Disneybounders go all out for their costumes but seeing as I have to work today, I’m keeping it fairly simple.  If you want ideas, click on the link above and checkout my Disneybound Pinterest board.

My accessories for my Maleficent Disneybound

My accessories for my Maleficent Disneybound

2.) Eat Disney food

While I desperately want the Mickey waffle maker, it hasn’t happened yet.  But that’s not stopping me from eating Disney food.  On the menu for tonight is breakfast and I’ll be making Mickey shaped pancakes.  You could also Google Disney restaurant food and find lots of recipes mimicking the best noms from the Disney parks and Disney cruises.

3.) Wear your mouse ears

Um, yeah, I would think that’s a fairly obvious one.  While I’m not brave enough to wear them outside of my house, I’ll be wearing them all the time I’m home today, especially while I’m completing number 4…

4.) Watch Disney movies

Again, I feel like this one is fairly obvious.  Luckily, Matt is also a Disney fan (though not as much as I am) and we have a nice sized Disney movie collection.  Since my sister hasn’t seen Frozen yet, I’m thinking that will be the one we watch first.

5.) Wear Disney clothes

I have a Beauty and the Beast tshirt, a Mickey hat and a bright pink WDW hoodie which all may make an appearance today.  This idea also includes using/carrying Disney purses, which I’m doing, and wearing Disney jewelry.

6.) Listen to Disney music

I was totally jamming out to my favorite Disney soundtracks on the way to work this morning.  It was awesome.  You can link to my Disney playlist on Spotify here.

7.) Build your Disney Side

Disney is currently running a very cute, very cool promotion where you can create your own Disney family decal and they’ll ship you one for free.  Click on the link here to build your decal.  Here’s the one I made.


I *really* wish we were in Disney World today for the 24-hour party.  But, it’s given me a great opportunity to get creative with how I’ll show my Disney side and Disney pride.



Friday Favorites

TGIF!!  I am so glad that’s it’s Friday.  This week has really been death by a thousand paper cuts.  Little things that wouldn’t normally bother me have all piled up this week, one every day, and it’s been exhausting just to deal.  But it’s FRIDAY!  Here are some of my favorite things from this week that have kept me going.


Today is six years since my Grandpa passed away.  He was truly instrumental in raising me and my sister and, while I miss him most days, I especially miss him today.  This is one of my all time favorite photos of him.  My Gram took it.

Hands down, one of the best covers I’ve ever heard.  And I’m not usually a fan of covers.  But I AM a fan of Five Finger Death Punch.  He could sing the dictionary and I would probably buy it… (click on the image to hear the song)


I’m off today (mostly, I don’t go in until tonight) so it’s time to run errands.  And this was my cute outfit for today.  It also happens to be my favorite outfit I wore all week.  I pretty much love any outfit involving boyfriend jeans.  I don’t know where they’ve been all my life, but I love them.

Matt and I were backers for the Veronica Mars movie but we didn’t actually get around to watching it until this past week while I was home sick.  OMG it was so good!  It was the best of the show and I really hope they pick the show back up again because I think they could really run with it.

20140516_112505   20140516_112517

My sweet fur babies.  They’re finally getting along.


This guy.  There will never be enough words to describe how much I love him.  I could not get through life without him.  This is my favorite picture from our last trip to Disney World, back in March.  ❤


Inspiration…for the Uninspired

To say this week has been disappointing would be an understatement.  It’s been flat out tough to deal with the things that aren’t going my way.  That sounds like a spoiled thing to say and I don’t mean it like that.  It’s just that there were a few things, life changing things, that I was so sure would happen and they didn’t.  So to pump myself back up and get back into a good head space, I’m posting some of my favorite inspirational quotes from Pinterest.

drown in coffee

ways to a better life

sparkle darling

never look back

life she loved

life imagined

heavenly father


bad things


being creative

believe in me

I know things will look up.  I will shake off this funk.  But sometimes it helps to have some visual reminders of just how great life is and how great things will be.


Our night is li…

Our night is lit by the city moon
When I see myself reflect on you
I know what I was meant to do

We’re alive, alive
We’re alive, alive
We’re alive, alive
We’re aviation high…

Happy weekend.  These past two weeks have been some of the longest ever and I’m glad they’re finally over.  Gonna do my best to just remember that I am alive and live a happy life

It’s National Library Week!

Every year in April, we celebrate National Library Week.  And as a public librarian, I could not be more proud of the library where I work.  I’m not as much of a library advocate as I wish I was (I’m actually very shy in person) but online I do as much as I can to help garner attention and support for libraries.

If you haven’t already, visit your local public library this week.  Walk around, look and see what’s going on and who all is there, pick up an events calendar.  You don’t have to check anything out (although how can you resist?)  If you can’t physically make it into your library, at least hit up their website and browse.  Chances are, they’ve got something new you didn’t know about.  And the next time you need something, a book, movie to watch over the weekend, help with a home reno project, etc. don’t forget your library.  Our one purpose is to serve the public with as many of their needs as we possibly can.  I use my library for everything from entertainment reading to movies and video games and cookbooks.  Recently I’ve been using it to get books on organization and home decor.  There is something for everyone, at your local library.  Check it out TODAY!


Adding to our family

I had a really great weekend.  One of the best I’ve had in awhile.  It was exhausting and every minute was booked up but at the end of it, I was satisfied.  Friday night we went to dinner with some friends of ours to celebrate my birthday.  Then, my sister and I went and got tattoos.  She already had one but this was my first.  Saturday, Matt and I went with friends to one of the several local farmer’s markets.  I had been wanting to go for quite awhile but never got around to it last year.  Saturday was the kickoff festival for the season so it was much larger than the market usually is and had people selling everything from fruits and veggies to crafts and plants.  It was great and I’m looking forward to many more outings there.  Our friends have been going for years and knew many of the vendors personally.  I can’t wait to build relationships like that.

Sunday, though, was by far the most life changing because we adopted two new kitties!  One of my sister’s coworker’s cats had kittens so my sister adopted one and Matt and I adopted one.  But since we all live together right now, we really all adopted two.  They haven’t met their big sister/ auntie Panda yet but they will shortly.  I adopted Panda almost four years ago when one of my coworkers had kittens who needed a home.  At the time, my sister had a cat named Bono who was 15 years old.  He and Panda eventually learned to get along and love one another and since Bono passed away two years ago, Panda has been very lonely.  Which is why Matt and I adopted another one.  We’re hoping having more cats will ease her loneliness and make her happier.


This little cutie pie is Aang (like from Avatar the Last Air Bender).  She is a precious little noodle but very shy.  Matt and I adopted her.


And this little cutie is Skywalker.  He’s my sister’s kitty and the cutest troublemaker that ever lived.  He and Aang are siblings so they’ve spent the majority of the last few days playing with each other.  Which means they’ve literally run from one side of the room to the other with not a care in the world as to whether or not you’re in their way.  They’ll simply run right over/across you.  It’s super cute.



Today is my 27th birthday.  I thought it was fitting that today I would also start blogging here.  I’ve been thinking about this blog and planning for it but today I’m taking the plunge and starting.

I love birthdays.  They are the only day that belongs solely to you.  Well, you and everyone else who might share your day.  But it’s a day that should be about you.  I always try and do something I really love on my birthday.  Little things like using my favorite coffee mug or wearing a nice outfit can make the day even better.  And those are simple things that we can do to celebrate OURSELVES.  That’s one thing I’m focusing on in 2014.  I’ve spent a lot of time in the past caring for others in my life at the expense of myself.  I’ve never been very good at “taking care of myself”.  I’m not even sure I know what that means.  All I know for sure is that 2014 is devoted to discovering what it means exactly for me to life an authentic life.  I want every moment of my life to be full of intention and purpose and to reflect the things I believe in.

So what do birthdays and living life with intention have to do with each other?  I can’t think of a better day to recharge and reset my priorities than on my birthday.  And I feel a sense of renewed purpose.  Tomorrow?  Well tomorrow is going to dawn a great day.